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Your people may be your biggest cost but they are also your biggest asset. We ensure you harness your workforce's energy to drive productivity, efficiency and growth. Crown doesn't just deliver an incredible RoI, it actually helps you transform your organisation.

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Tried and trusted

Over 400,000 people every single day use a Crown workforce management system. We're renowned for doing difficult well. We've been doing this for 30 years and are trusted by some of the biggest private and public sector organisations in the country to help manage their workforce. 

Harness the energy

Maximising your workforce's performance is the energy that drives your business forward. We will help you create an efficient, engaged, motivated and highly productive workforce who drive improved productivity, growth and success, as well as minimising risks and reducing costs.

Our Inspired Solutions

We will work with you to decide which combination of our portfolio of solutions can be configured to precisely meet your needs.

Time and Attendance

Captures information relating to employee attendance in real-time and is proven to massively reduce the administrative burden involved in managing attendance and absence.

Workforce scheduling & Rostering

Planning schedules is time consuming and laborious; this tool simplifies the process, allowing your roster planner to maintain control through a simple, intelligent, intuitive, graphics-led process.

Workforce Analytics

Giving you easy access to a comprehensive view of your workforce’s activities, so you can unlock valuable, actionable information to achieve your key business objectives, control costs and improve planning.


Transforms the way you manage your personnel, giving real-time insight into timekeeping and attendance, and providing line managers with reminders and clear direction on handling staff issues.


Ensuring your workforce is always in the right place at the right time and each employee is meaningfully engaged in tasks for which they are qualified greatly reduces both admin and labour costs. Add to that increased work satisfaction and reduced absenteeism and you have the formula for significant savings. What might your company save? Find out now!

Working in your sector

Crown meets your specific sector challenges head-on. Roll over the images below to find your sector and click to discover more about how we tailor our solutions perfectly for you.

See how we help businesses like yours inspire better performance

Emergency Services

Every day, Crown helps keep the country safe by ensuring over 90,000 UK police officers and staff operate at optimum effectiveness and efficiency thanks to the UK's leading Duty Management System.

Cloud, on-premise or hybrid - to suit you

Some organisations are now embracing the increase in simplicity and flexibility and reduction in cost that comes from workforce management in the Cloud. It doesn't suit all companies or situations, of course, so our on-premise solutions remain incredibly popular, while hybrid solutions are also gathering pace. Together we will choose the best solution to meet your needs.

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Work for Crown: Careers

Our people are what makes our company. Our long-serving staff enjoy working with outstanding, well-respected products and with skilled and supportive colleagues, and they are strongly supported by the company in their development. If you are interested in joining a creative, hard-working and supportive team, please click to see the current opportunities available. 

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