Systems Integration

Our system integrates perfectly with all software across Payroll, HR and ERP. There is no system with which we have been unable to integrate. You’ll be amazed how straightforward it is.

Dedicated team

The Systems Integration team helps organisations maximise their investment in their systems by improving the flow of data from and to them, and thereby increase the information available to help manage the business.

Tailored solution

Using standard and bespoke interfaces, we can gather and populate from and to a wide variety of independent platforms. Precisely how and what we do will depend on your organisation, the systems it uses and your integration needs. We will work closely together to agree our plans.

Multi-level Integration

Solutions can be configured to provide the levels of data granularity required. Summary or detailed data can be gathered and transferred to the target host to help managers analyse data in the detail they need.

Integrated solutions can be developed to ensure the smooth flow of data between a variety of platforms, irrelevant of level or geographical location. Data can be captured from virtually any data source.

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