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Crown Roster

Smart, flexible rostering for today’s way of working

Crown Roster is perfect for organisations that require total flexibility and budgetary control, as well as the ability to adapt to today’s volatile staffing landscape. It gives planners complete control of staffing, including budgetary forecasting and shift management and it allows planners to broadcast vacancies online to staff working flexible shifts.

Crown Roster allows employees to use the most popular devices to check the shifts for which they are rostered, as well as rest days, and even arrange shift swaps (subject to management authorisation where required).

This all allows planners to define resource plans according to defined budgets that measure elements that are critical to the business. Planners can actually measure, as they plan, whether they are achieving their budgetary aims, whilst also ensuring that the right people, with the right skills, are rostered for each shift or event.

This incredibly versatile planning module is ideally suited to organisations running flexible shift systems.

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