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Effective management of employee related processes

Crown Workflow allows your employee management processes to be set up and configured within Crown Manager. A typical workflow process contains a set of rules which dictate events and resulting tasks which need to be performed by employees.

This product promotes fairness and consistency in application of tasks and processes and ensures compliance with legislative requirements. It alerts users to tasks and activities they need to complete and advises them on how to carry out those tasks and activities.

Taking a Sickness Management process as an example:

  • Crown Workflow alerts a user to perform the first task in the process; on completion of the first task, Workflow triggers tasks for users as dictated by your rules. Depending on your rules, the Workflow process may contain just a few tasks, or it may be a complex process with many tasks for many users.
  • In this sickness example, when the employee returns to work, Crown Workflow will trigger when to complete the sickness process. Depending on your rules, the completion of this sickness process may then trigger a further Workflow process to manage a return to work.

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