Crown Time & Attendance

Capturing information relating to employee attendance in real-time, Crown Time & Attendance has been proved to considerably reduce the administrative burden involved in managing absence and attendance.

The complete picture

Attendance data is captured automatically through a variety of input devices to suit the needs and cultures of all businesses. Even remote workers can record work start and stop times to enable managers to gain a full picture of the whole workforce.

Reducing your admin burden

By capturing information automatically, organisations eliminate the need for duplicate data input; and by integrating with other systems (such as HR and Payroll) the data can be captured once, then used to populate all relevant systems. This substantially reduces the administrative burden and associated costs as well as increasing accuracy of records and ensuring working time regulations compliance. It is also an invaluable tool in managing absence and helps ensure watertight disciplinary procedures. The system also tightly manages flexible working and overtime.

The comprehensive solution

Every workplace has its unique challenges. We configure our wide range of modules to create the workforce management solution to meet your requirements perfectly and provide you with exactly the data - and the tools to use that data - you need.

Crown Manager

Offers all the benefits of Crown Workforce Management via a web browser. Intuitive and configurable, it allows managers greater access to the information they need to help plan, manage and administer the attendance of their people.

Access Control

Manages access to improve security and control to specific sites. Helps you to protect your people and workplace to enforce health and safety procedures, and to prevent casual theft.


Within Crown Manager, a comprehensive range of reports can be created from employees’ Time & Attendance data. Reports can be scheduled to run periodically and distributed to specific users and/or saved to file locations.

Activity Management

Gain a true picture of each person’s work activities throughout the working day, enabling you to effectively cost and manage what they’re doing. Activities can be measured at levels to suit your organisation.


Allows your employee management processes to be set up and configured within Crown Manager. A typical workflow process contains a set of rules which dictate events and resulting tasks which need to be performed by employees.

Tailored solutions to meet your precise needs

Every workplace is unique. We take pride in not only ensuring you choose the perfect platform, but also guarantee a smooth transition through hands-on project management, bespoke training and on-going support to help you maximise the benefits of our solutions.

Comprehensive Support

Systems Integration

Crown Cloud

Crown in action: Case studies.

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Customer Snapshot – Disney

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Every workplace is different, with it’s own unique challenges.

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