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Effective Field-Based Employee Time Registration

For staff that cannot register their arrival or departure using the web or conventional Timeclocks, the Telephone is an ideal substitute. Telephones are freely available, easy to use and staff of all pay grades are comfortable using them.

The Telephony component of the Crown Workforce Management Suite enables authorised employees to perform a number of administration tasks with a simple, short telephone call to a designated number. An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) then guides them through the process.

How it Works

Employees that are authorised to use Crown Telephony would dial a prescribed telephone number. An IVR process would then answer the call and verify that the caller’s number is valid. The caller would then be asked to enter their PIN Number, which the system would use to construct a ‘Clocking Record’. Following confirmation, the call is then terminated and the ‘Clocking Record’ sent to the Crown WFM database.

IVR Messages

The IVR dialogue and the associated messages can be tailored to each installation using pre-recorded voice messages. For example in the case of an employee undertaking the activity of “Clocking”, the caller can be prompted to indicate whether the registration is an ‘In’ or an ‘Out.

Other Data Capture Functions

The IVR dialogue can be configured to capture other details such as the recording of a location or a Work Booking Number. It can also be configured to provide information to the caller, such as Id verification and other enquiries.

A Telephony Service to meet your individual requirements

Crown provides a secure, hosted Telephony Service for those that simply want to use the solution without the cost of setting up their own in-house solution. Using this Cloud/Software as a Service (Saas) model, clients can simply subscribe to the Service and use it on demand, this is provided on a ‘Cost per Transaction’ basis. All you need is Crown WFM v12 or later… that’s it!

Key Benefits

  • Clock in and out
  • Register Absences (i.e. Sickness)
  • Obtain a “Flexi-balance”
  • Book & Complete Work-Based Activities and/or Tasks
  • Fully integrated into Crown WFM
  • Available as a Cloud /Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted solution
  • Able to be purchased and hosted by the customer if required


The Telephony system requires;

  • A small dedicated Windows Server, with connection to the Intranet or Internet
  • A suitable Telephony Card – capable of supporting an appropriate number of concurrent calls
  • Typically a Primary Rate ISDN Telephone line, enabled with the appropriate number of channels
  • Crown Telephony which requires Crown WFM version 12 or later

The number of concurrent calls (and the corresponding number of channels) would depend upon the peak call rate requirement. Clocking Records and other system transactions would be sent to Crown WFM using the Intranet for user-hosted systems or the Internet if an externally-hosted system is deployed.

Telephony Solution Diagram

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