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Comprehensive Business Reporting

Within Crown Manager, a comprehensive range of reports can be created from employees Time & Attendance data.

These reports can be scheduled to run periodically and distributed to specific users and/or employees via Email, or saved to file locations and therefore, be accessible to others.

Key Benefits

  • Completely integrated reporting suite
  • Simple to use, does not require a 3rd party application
  • Template based – requires no database knowledge
  • Simplifies reporting & enquiries
  • Reports can be created centrally and distributed
  • Users can create reports
  • Reports can be extracted
  • Reports can be distributed to Email & MyMail groups

Examples of Reports that can be created are:

  • Sickness and Other Absence Reports.
  • Overtime Reports.
  • Entitlement Reports.
  • Attendance Reports (which can include costs).
  • Skill Reports.
  • Activity Reports.

Creation of business reports couldn’t be simpler!

Choose a template Select a date range Choose the employee criteria Select a template criteria Distribute / Schedule


  • MyMail – Attach and send to Crown WFM users & groups.
  • Email – Attach and send to any email user or group.
  • HTML – For Intranet publishing.

Scheduling your Business Reports

With Crown Manager reporting you can schedule your reports to run at the following frequency or intervals:

Immediate Runs the report at the time and date the submit button is selected.
Once The report can be set to run once at a chosen time and date.
Daily To run the report at a chosen time on a daily basis.
Weekly The report can be scheduled to run on a specific day and time on a weekly basis. It can also be set to run over a certain number of weeks.
Monthly To run the report on a specific day of the month.
Periodically To run the report on a specific day of the period.
Day Code To run the report on a specific day code (as defined on the calendar in Crown WFM).

Business Templates

Crown has created a comprehensive list of business reporting templates. These templates allow the user to focus on the creation of business reports and requirements rather than needing to understand the underlying database structure.

Summary Views

This feature is particularly useful as it allows users access to a pre-defined series of summary reports that are created specifically and based on their preferences or permissions, thereby effectively removing a whole layer of report building. These reports are then further able to be customised, refined and manipulated quickly and easily by double clicking and selecting other pre-configured fields/criteria contained in the report template.

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