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Infrastructure Support and Security

Crown hosting services gives you greater control over your infrastructure support and security without incurring the high costs of hardware and system management.

We take away the burden of hosting and technology setup so you can focus on your key business objectives. Crown will provide and manage a secure data centre environment in conjunction with an ISO27001 hosting partner.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce internal IT load
  • Free internal IT support staff from the day to day needs involved in supporting another application
  • Managing user requests to refresh data
  • Managing backup & recovery
  • Less hardware on site
  • Reduced capital expenditure on servers
  • Hardware that can be replaced within 1 hour if failed
  • 24/7 Hardware support
  • Data centre has multiple layers of redundancy including power networks
  • Solution customised to your individual needs
  • Expert support

Data centre services

The data center services will be provided by a specialist hosting partner. Crown will fully manage this service and operate as the single point of contact.

The services comprise the following:

  • Servers
  • Operating software (Operating System, SQL Server, etc)
  • Secure environment
  • LAN
  • Storage
  • Server Backup and Restore
  • VPN network connections to the customer and Crown
  • Two environments will be provided: a production (live) environment and a test environment.

Managed services

Crown will provide the following managed services directly:

  • Installing software – Adding /amending system users (as opposed to Users – defined in the Application)
  • Operating System Patching
  • Backup/restore database
  • Maintaining firewall rules
  • Checking system logs
  • Checking application software logs
  • Checking services
  • Starting/stopping services

Note: upgrades of Crown WFM are not part of the managed services provision.

Support process

As part of the managed service Crown will have access to the system, but only for support and maintenance purposes. With direct access to servers we are able to diagnose any issue and respond quickly should it occur.

Please see the Crown ‘Customer Support Manual’ which details the full support process.

  • The Crown Help Desk will take calls for the whole of the system
  • Crown WFM clocking terminals (if used), data centre services and interfaces.
  • If the problem is with the Crown software then the Crown Support team will deal with the issue.
  • If there is a problem with the infrastructure Crown will take ownership and work with our hosting partner to identify and resolve. – If there is a problem with a clocking terminal, Crown will work with the customer to attempt to identify the problem and resolve it. If there is a hardware issue, the customer will return the device to the manufacturer for repair or replacement (or if under extended warranty, as per warranty agreement).

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