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Web Based Workforce Management

Crown Manager offers a web-based solution for organisations that require the flexibility to allow employees and administrators to have access whenever required.

Key Benefits

  • Realise the benefits of Crown WFM on the web
  • Employees can access the system using just a web browser
  • Gives employees more control and flexibility over their working time
  • Removes unnecessary layers of administration
  • Provides each employee with the ability to view and update personal information on-line
  • Allows managers and supervisors to take charge of day-to-day management of workforce time


Crown Manager permits managers to have greater access to the information they need to help plan, manage and administer the attendance of their people.

Managing the Workforce

Fully configurable to match the needs of each manager, the easy-to-use screen layouts prove to be a real administration partner. The system has been designed to be as intuitive as possible and so minimise the time required to administer the workforce.

Crown Manager takes the inherent qualities of Crown WFM and makes them available to help manage the daily administration tasks, either through your internal network or the Internet.

Daily Administration
Crown Manager has a single, simple to use view for clearing exceptions to planned attendance. Screen layouts follow the standard WFM graphical look and feel to indicate unexpected absences, missed clockings or overtime that can be quickly cleared.

Booking Absences
Absences may be booked before or after the event using your own plain English codes. When booking, the system will compare the planned booking against individual entitlements and accrual rules to ensure they are not exceeded.

Approving Overtime
Overtime may be pre-authorised or booked retrospectively to suit your organisation’s method of working. The system will automatically apply your rules for payment,time off in lieu, etc., as appropriate.

Resource Planning
Crown Manager has a resource planning function that allows you to view how your team is rostered into the future in a wall chart style. This view shows manning levels and skills availability and enables you to make decisions when booking absences or changing shift patterns that do not impact service levels. Changes for absence and shift patterns can be made from within the wall chart view itself. Resource Planning provides the tools to help you react to dynamically changing requirements for manpower.

Crown Self-Service

Crown Self-Service allows your employees to have access to their own records relating to their personal details and their absence and attendance record. Each employee is given his or her own unique log on ID and password and allocated functional rights. Individuals can be given permission to enquire about their own information held on the system. In addition employees can be set-up to record their own attendance and activities undertaken, removing unnecessary layers of administration. Crown Self-Service will also allow you to set up processes to ensure employees add required information.

Recording Attendance and Absence
Individuals are able to register their attendance on any day in a specified working week to provide a permanent attendance record. Absences can be requested for holidays, doctor’s appointments and other planned absences that are in turn submitted for supervisory approval.

Booking Activities
Activities can be booked through Crown Self-Service via the electronic time sheet which ensures full reconciliation with attendance details for each person.

Administering Personnel Records
Crown Self-Service provides each employee with the ability to view and update personal information on line. This allows each person to see exactly what information is held on their file and correct it as appropriate. Information that can be updated may include address information,health details and emergency contacts.

Flexible Working
Where organisations run flexible work schemes, employees can view their attended hours and compare them against the contracted hours. Each person can then request that any additional hours be paid as overtime or added to the flexible balance if appropriate.

Employee Enquiries

Once the employee has entered their ID and password,they will be able to enquire on the following:

Attendance Record
The employee can view details relating to their attendance for any specified tax week or pay week. This includes clocking times, absences, overtime or payments.

Holiday Card
Individuals can view their holiday entitlement alongside any holidays taken or planned, including Bank Holidays.

With the increase in flexible working and adoption of flexi-time, and other schemes, people want an easy way to view their actual attended hours against their contracted hours. Crown Manager allows individuals to view the daily debit and credit hours for the previous 30 days.

Activity Bookings
Crown Manager allows individuals to see the work activities they have booked, either via the web timesheets or other data capture methods.

Individual Work Rosters
Where organisations are using Crown Workforce Scheduling, employees can view their planned work roster through Crown Manager.

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