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The fully integrated HR solution

Crown HR is a fully integrated HR solution that forms a fundamental part of the Crown Workforce Management suite.

As your business and workforce grow, so does your need for dedicated HR support. Historically, this might have meant bringing in a further department of personnel each with their own duties, but times have changed.

Crown HR software can revolutionise the way you manage your personnel, giving you real time insight into timekeeping and attendance, as well as providing line managers with automated reminders and clear direction on how to best handle absence management, identify regular abusers and advise on escalation procedures.

Software can be tailored to the unique needs of each organization, providing employers and managers with all the tools they need to get a clear oversight of what their direct reports and departments are up to, every hour of every working day.

Manage Your

  • Organisation Structure
  • Job Structure
  • Pay & Grading Structure
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Training and Appraisal
  • Talent Management & Succession Planning
  • Recruitment
  • Event Management
  • Reporting
  • Diary, Alerts, Tasks & Workflow
  • Document Management

Time and Attendance – Administration Made Simple

If your business is undergoing a period rapid growth, chances are you’re finding it hard to keep on top of basic administrative duties relating to monitoring your workforce as you scale up.

Keeping track of timekeeping and attendance of a growing workforce can prove incredibly time consuming by more conventional means. Crown HR revolutionises the way employers can oversee the attendance, timekeeping and absences of their employees dramatically freeing up the burden of monitoring from an administration team.

Critical attendance data can be captured through a variety of means be it finger print scanners, browser based software or traditional time clocks, with all information delivered to a centralised location for easy access.

This automatic capture and centralisation of data reduces the need to record such information manually, sometimes multiple times, eliminating the chance of errors and simplifying payroll processes and absence management responses.

It’s also an incredibly effective way of monitoring a diverse and disparate workforce, letting you keep track of personnel across branches, as well as keeping an oversight on any remote workers under contract.

Seamless Payroll Processing

Ensuring a seamless payroll isn’t always easy. If you’re relying on multiple reporting measures, the chances of conflicting data producing an unreliable reference point are high.

When you integrate Crown HR software with your Payroll, you immediately eliminate discrepancies from your records, providing a fail-safe reference point for accurate payroll processing.

Flexi-time arrangements can be taken into account, overtime hours are calculated with pinpoint accuracy and employers are given a clear idea of exactly how many hours each employee has worked, forgoing the need for unreliable estimations.

Healthy and Safety Adherence

With Crown HR software, you’re not just limited to monitoring the performance and timekeeping of your personnel. Many employees jump at the chance for additional overtime, but working time regulations should be rigorously monitored and adhered to.

Crown HR provides an integrated solution that lets you keep on top of ensuring your employees are taking required breaks during any given working day, as well as letting you monitor rest periods and downtime during busier periods of production and special circumstances.

If your business lies within manufacturing, or you’ve a high dependence on physical labour, ensuring operation lies well within health and safety requirements is a must.

Crown HR software can keep you updated with accurate data on shift patterns and hours worked, immediately alerting line managers once a breach of regulation has occurred.

Crown HR provides visibility of your workforce makeup and costs to aid accurate analysis and decision making.

Crown HR is your HR business tool, enabling you to manage your human resource data in the way that is most effective for your business.


Organisation Structure

Set up the structure of your organisation exactly as you want to see it for reporting, budgeting and analysis purposes.

  • You choose how to set up your organisation structure based on your analysis, reporting and budgeting requirements.
  • The structure can vary for different parts of the business, if required.
  • Restructure easily, without losing historical data.
  • Instant access to organisational information for any point in time.

Job Structure

Set up jobs, positions, roles or posts to represent your structure and your headcount budgets. Link terms and conditions to your job structure.

  • Set up your job structure to suit your analysis, reporting and budgeting requirements.
  • Incorporate features such as job family, functions, job evaluation and grade details as required.
  • Link terms and conditions to any part of the job structure to ensure accuracy and consistency.
  • Specify the skills, competencies, experience, training and qualifications needed
    for any job.


Pay & Grading Structure

Build your grading structure, including increments, spot points or ranges.

  • Link grades to any part of the job structure to ensure accuracy and consistency.
  • Report and analyse by grade.


Terms and Conditions

Build all your terms and conditions in to the system and link them to your contracts, job, organisation or grade structure to ensure accuracy and consistency.

  • Generate the correct contract according to the position a person holds.
  • Update terms automatically according to contractual requirements.
  • Ensure accuracy and consistency and save time by having the system work intelligently for you.


Training and Appraisal

Keep training records, skills, qualifications experience and competency records and manage your appraisal processes.

  • Record training undertaken by any individual – whether this be internal training, qualifications, experience or skills gained.
  • Receive reminders for training and qualification expiry and renewal dates.
  • Automate the appraisal workflow, record agreed objectives, appraisal scores and training requirements.
  • Manage competency frameworks.


Talent Management & Succession Planning

Identify and manage talent pools so that you are always able to plan, develop and manage your Human resource requirements.

  • Record career aspirations.
  • Track high performers.
  • Manage succession planning.
  • Identify people with key skills.


Set up vacant positions and specify the required skill, qualifications and experience.

  • Set up vacancies together with all associated job, organisation and contractual information.
  • Specify training, skills, qualifications and experience needed for all positions.
  • Manage authorisation to recruit processes.
  • Record interview details.
  • Transfer successful candidates to employed positions.


Event Management

Record and track all events from one-off meetings to the progress of a disciplinary event or flexibly working request.

  • Disciplinary
  • Grievance
  • Appraisal
  • Shared Parental Leave
  • Flexible Working
  • Auto-Enrolment
  • And more…



Easy to use tools enable you to report on and analyse information in whatever way you require and to export instantly to Excel.

  • The People Directory allows you to sort, filter and group on all fields in the database so that you can quickly and simply find and report on any information required.
  • Export data to Excel, Word or other packages in a couple of clicks.
  • Easily generate information for document creation.


Diary, Alerts, Tasks & Workflow

Automate your diary so that you never forget the end of a fixed term contract, probation or disciplinary review. Automate processes using workflow.

  • Synchronise your HR diary with Outlook.
  • Track the progress of all your automated workflows.
  • Remind yourself and colleagues of tasks due.


Document Management

Generate employee related documents, such as terms and conditions, from the system. Store electronic copies of all documents against the employee record. Make the relevant handbooks, policies and procedures accessible to employees.

  • Keep all people related information on the system and reduce the amount of paperwork that you hold.
  • Generate all employee related documents such as terms and conditions and salary reviews letters.
  • Scan in documents such as passports and visa details.

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