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Activity Management

Effective Cost Management of Employee Activities

Crown Activity Management allows you to gain a true picture of each person’s work activities throughout the working day, enabling you to effectively cost and manage what they’re doing. Activities can be measured at levels to suit your organisation, including: departments, costs centres, jobs, projects, contracts or customers.

Activity can be recorded in real-time through a variety of input devices, and fully integrated with the attendance and absence information within Crown’s Time and Attendance. This allows you to reconcile activity bookings accurately and automatically to ‘time attended’ – reducing administration, eliminating errors and understanding business management costs at required levels of detail.

This product accurately costs and manages individuals’ work activities while dramatically reducing administration time and eliminating errors. It helps you deploy people in the most cost-effective way and maximises your investment. With flexible activity definitions, you choose how you define the scope and details of the activities performed within different parts of your organisation.

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