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Effective Cost Management of Employee Activities

Crown Activity Management allows you to gain a true picture of each person’s work activities throughout the working day, enabling you to effectively cost and manage what they’re doing. Activities are user-definable and can be measured at levels to suit your organisation; including departments, costs centres, jobs, projects, contracts or customers.

Activity time can be recorded in real-time through a variety of input devices, or historically via time sheets, to match work practices and cultures. In either case, the activity bookings are fully integrated with the attendance and absence information within Crown’s Time and Attendance. This allows you to reconcile activity bookings accurately and automatically to ‘time attended’ and hence reduce administration, eliminate errors and understand business management costs at required levels of granularity.

Key Benefits

  • Effectively costs and manages individual’s work activities throughout the working day
  • Reduces administration time and eliminates errors accurately and automatically
  • Helps to deploy people in the most cost-effective way
  • Maximises your investment through integration with your systems
  • SAP Certified Integration
  • Sets up enquiries and reports in a variety of ways to suit requirements

Improved Employee Activity

Managing and analysing employee activities enables you to improve resource utilisation. By assigning skills and costs to each individual, staff can be deployed cost-effectively. Additionally, productive and non-productive time can be recorded so that processes can be managed and streamlined where appropriate.

Flexible Activity Definitions

Crown Activity Management is totally flexible to allow you to define the scope and details of the activities performed within your organisation. Employees record the work they are performing against these categories. Activities are set to match requirements for individual departments or divisions.

For example, the activities undertaken within the IT department may relate to programming, systems design and systems management, whilst the sales department may wish to book time against other activities such as administering sales enquiries, processing orders and account management.

Activity booking codes can be multi-tiered to provide a greater degree of reporting and analysis capability. For example, in a manufacturing company an individual can record which department they are working in, the activity they are working on (such as packing) and which customer order they are fulfilling.

Dynamic Activity Booking

Activities can be booked dynamically (i.e. as they happen) via a number of devices to suit the operation and environment. For example, in a manufacturing environment a variety of data capture devices can be deployed (including touchscreens and devices with suitable IP ratings).

Mobile workers or those who work off-site can book activities dynamically using a web application or even telephone and IVR technology.

Telephony-based booking provides a cost effective solution where working practices require staff flexibility and mobility, such as field-based teams.

Time Sheet Entry

In some environments it is impractical for people to book activities dynamically and so an electronic timesheet is offered as an alternative that can be completed using a web application.

Information can be recorded against projects, contracts, jobs or other booking codes to allow full calculation, analysis and management of labour costs. This mechanism means the system works equally well for office-based or mobile workers.

Administration Reduction

Crown Activity Management allows data to be captured at source, negating the need for separate data input and thus reducing the administrative burden. Full integration with Crown Time and Attendance means time reconciliation is simple, accurate and quick thanks to easy-to-use administration processes. This intuitive structure enables managers and supervisors to identify and then correct incomplete bookings on a daily basis if required.

Maximum System Integration

Crown Activity Management works in conjunction with Crown Time and Attendance to provide you with a true view of your workforce: when they are working, what they are doing and what it is costing you.

As organisations use a number of systems to help manage business processes  Activity Management helps to streamline the flow of information through a series of interfaces.

Bi-directional interfaces are available that allow the information gathered to be passed between Crown WFM and other systems within your organisation. In this way information can be set up in one place and used to populate other systems.

For example, booking codes can be transparently imported into Crown WFM from your finance system, negating the need to duplicate data entry when setting up the system. Once activities have been booked against these codes the activity summaries can be exported back into the finance system for costing, analysis or invoicing purposes.

SAP Certified Integration

Crown WFM is fully certified for use with SAP. Using standard, proven SAP integration technology (including iDOCs) these automated gateways facilitate the flow of data into and out of SAP implementations providing data integrity and aiding data governance.

Integration suites are available for SAP PP (Production Planning), PM (Plant Maintenance), PS (Projects), HR (Human Resources) Costing and Payroll. Data captured at source can be passed up to SAP to make the information available to your organisation when you need it to provide a complete picture.

Reporting and Enquiries

The powerful report writer provides the ability to set up user-defined enquiries and reports, enabling managers to analyse time bookings and corresponding labour costs in a variety of ways to suit requirements. If preferred, integration to third party business intelligence tools can form part of the overall solution.

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