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Access Control

Managing Access for Improved Security and Control

Crown’s Access Control helps you to protect your people and your workplace, to enforce health and safety procedures, and to prevent casual theft.

It can also be used to control access to specific sites, departments and other internal areas for authorised employees, contractors or visitors. Entry can be restricted via perimeter or internal doors, turnstiles, lift doors or car park barriers. Access Control fully integrates with all aspects of Crown’s Workforce Management Suite and uses the same employee ID badge as that used for clockings and activity bookings. The system is fully scalable and has no limitations on the number of sites, doors or barriers.

Access control is compatible with timeclocks and time-booking terminals to allow the capture of attendance information as well as controlling site access.

If the site needs to be evacuated in the event of an emergency or drill, the system will provide a roll call report detailing all people on the site including employees, visitors and contractors for each assembly point. Alternatively, the system can be configured to record all people exiting the site in an emergency so that any remaining on the site can be easily identified.

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