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Crown’s Workforce Management solutions are always tailored to meet your precise needs. You may use all the products/services on this page or just one, or any number in between. Our objective is always to streamline your workforce management in whatever way benefits your business the most.

Whatever solution you choose, we guarantee a smooth handover, hands-on project management and bespoke training just for you.

Project Management

We will project manage the implementation process based on your specific requirements, assisting with the planning phase and using our experience to prepare optimised plans that are realistic and achievable and work with your underlying business processes. Throughout the life of the project, we will ensure that our teams and your team are fully co-ordinated.


The understanding and support of your employees – those using the system – is critical to its smooth deployment. Our training team have worked in the very same business environments as your users (Payroll, HR, etc) and provide excellent training to help your team to get up to speed as quickly as possible and to use our system as efficiently as possible.

Warranty, Support & Maintenance

Following the warranty period, we routinely provide support and maintenance. The following service, which is covered by an agreed annual fee, is provided as standard.

  • Unlimited use of the Crown Customer Support Desk
  • Advice and guidance in the use of Crown’s Workforce Management Suite
  • Prompt Defect Correction
  • Use of the Customer Support Web Site
  • New product releases
  • Product User Group meetings
  • Remote Dial-in Facility