Crown for Services

The specialist solution for streamlining your workforce, reducing admin, simplifying rostering and increasing your bottom line.

The right people with the right skills

Our system helps you to assign the right people with the right skills to the right tasks at the right time. This creates a precision workforce, fit for purpose and lean.


Control of Costs

By employing the right people at the right time, you strictly control your costs. You cut overtime, administration time and absence. You see the cost of your workforce ‘live’ rather than six weeks later, as you might when using traditional spreadsheets. You always know exactly where you are.



Integration is often a very real concern for service companies taking on a new workforce management system; with Crown all those worries are taken away. Our system integrates perfectly with a whole range of other software across Payroll, HR and ERP. You’ll be amazed how straightforward it is, not least because we have a Department in our company solely dedicated to ensuring smooth integrations.

Empowered Managers

The immediate availability of comprehensive Time & Attendance data empowers line managers to really take responsibility for their teams, leading to greater precision, confidence and accountability.

Safety & Compliance

Different roles require different qualifications and skills. Crown ensures staff are correctly assigned, so you are not at risk of non-compliance or accusations of lacking due diligence.

Sector Expertise

Download our brochure to discover of how we help businesses like yours in the service sector maximise the potential of their workforce.

Work your way

You choose the best method of implementation to fit your unique working practices. On-premise; hybrid or a cloud solution – we work with you to implement the platform that suits you perfectly. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

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