The true cost of training lapses

The true cost of training lapses

Crown Computing highlights the true cost of training lapses

“Are you breaking the law by not keeping up-to-date with staff training or accreditations?”

That’s the question Crown Computing is asking UK businesses.

The company is looking to raise awareness of the very real cost of inefficient processes which could mean staff are unable to work due to lapses in qualifications or in a worst-case scenario open up firms to prosecution.

Crown, which specialises in the development workforce management software, has found that most firms do not have procedures in place to ensure that vital certificates are renewed in time. As a result, the company has incorporated a training register/monitor to the workforce scheduling module of its Open Options™ workforce management system.

This highlights when renewal dates are approaching so that employees can be booked onto the correct training courses, ensuring there is no break which could prevent them from undertaking certain duties. If, for whatever reason, training is not undertaken, the system will ensure that the staff member in question cannot be rostered to perform a critical role requiring that qualification until the training is completed.

“Specific qualifications, training or accreditations are vital to allow staff to perform their roles,” explained David Hughes, head of marketing, at Crown Computing. “However, once the initial training has been undertaken it’s easy to overlook refresher training in the day-to-day management of staffing needs.

“We have seen cases were staff had continued to work in roles they were no longer permitted to undertake because their certification had expired. This not only meant staff were put in dangerous position because their training was out of date but could potentially have resulted in prosecution for the company or its directors if an accident or error had occurred.

“Open Options™ automates this process – line-managers are automatically notified when training is required and the workforce scheduling module will ensure that only staff with the right skills, certifications and accreditations are rostered as circumstances dictate.”

Open Options™ is a comprehensive workforce management system designed for medium to large organisations that integrates with all popular finance, business, HR and payroll systems. It is fully scalable so is suitable for virtually all organisations and is particularly effective in addressing the complex business requirements usually associated with large organisations who have multi-site operations, multiple contracts or who use agency staff.

It features a comprehensive workforce analytics dashboard that is able to show real-time employee data such as absenteeism or overtime costs. This highlights potential trends, issues and problems before they arise, allowing staffing adjustments to be made accordingly.

It can be used remotely for mobile workforce management and features telephony for time registration as well as dedicated access control which can be used across multiple sites. This together advanced time and attendance workforce scheduling and activity management capabilities can increase efficiency of the workforce, reduce overtime and help with absence management.

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