Roadmap to Change Management – Taking Stock

A leading expert in organisational performance has filmed a series of ‘one-to-ones’ for Crown Workforce Management Systems to help leaders through the process of change management.

Dr Pietro Micheli, Associate Professor of Organisational Performance, at Warwick Business School, features in the first of a new series: ‘Talking Heads’ to expand on the Roadmap to Change Management, a free downloadable guide which was published last month.

Within it, Dr Micheli, highlights a four-stage process – ‘taking stock’, ‘putting yourself in their shoes’, ‘making sense of change’ and ‘considering different directions’ – to steer organisations on the right path when undertaking change.

In the first of the companion pieces, Taking Stock, the audit process is examined in further detail, with examples of the types of change programmes in which they may be applied.

Said Dr Micheli: “Whenever we start a change initiative, we need to understand where we are; what type of skills and processes we have, in order to understand what level of progression we make over time but also to understand what maybe the road blocks and what maybe the enablers.”

He provides examples of these and elements that may need to be put in place to “re-innovate” an organisation in the application a major transformation or a smaller initiative.

“When we talk about change, context and scope obviously matter: some organisations operate in highly dynamic environments whereas others are on much more steady journeys,” he stated.

David Hughes, Head of Marketing for Crown Workforce Management Systems, said: “Pietro is a well-respected academic and our Roadmap to Change Management document has proved exceedingly popular. We wanted to tease out some further detail and have created a video blog around each of the stages highlighted within the document under the banner of Talking Heads in which we hope to feature a range of different experts over the coming months.

“We wanted the films to convey a one-to-one – as Pietro may have when coaching business leaders or students – imparting understanding not only about the theory around change management but some practical examples of how it can be applied.”

Click here to view the first in the series of Roadmap to Change Management vlogs.

The illustrated guide, Roadmap to Change Management, is still available for download at

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