Open Options™ MyRoster demonstrated at RTBE

Open Options™ MyRoster demonstrated at RTBE

Crown Computing demonstrate Open Options™ MyRoster, the flexible rostering solution at RTBE.

‘Correctly schedule staff for busy periods and to ensure that you never have staff standing idle at quiet times again’ – that’s the message that Crown Computing will be taking to the Retail Business Technology Expo (RTBE).

The company, which specialises in workforce management systems, will be demonstrating Open Options™ MyRoster, its flexible retail rostering software on stand 856 at the show.

MyRoster is designed to give HR and operations managers the ability to roster staff at the touch of a button. It is a truly flexible tool that can be tailored to each organisation’s exact staffing requirements ensuring that rosters can be developed in line with the predicted needs of the business based on footfall data, staff grade, experience and skills.

Once completed, the roster can then be published online allowing staff to see the shifts they are working from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Subject to the permissions available, they are able to swap shifts with colleagues and apply for additional hours where staff shortages are highlighted.

As well as roster planning, the Open Options™ suite of software features a comprehensive workforce analytics dashboard that is able to show real-time employee data such as absenteeism or overtime costs. This highlights potential trends, issues and problems before they arise, allowing HR and operations managers to make staffing adjustments accordingly.

John Maguire, Retail Account Director at Crown said:

“In retail, getting staff rostering wrong – whether that means you are understaffed at peak periods or overstaffed at quiet times – goes beyond being simply frustrating; it can have real cost implications for your business both in terms of controlling staff costs and customer satisfaction.

“Open Options™ MyRoster is designed to enhance efficiency, increase productivity and give retailers real cost savings by accurately planning their staffing levels in line with need. Ultimately, My Roster is a truly flexible tool which ensures you will always have the right people with the right skills at the right place at the right time!”

Established in 1987, Crown Computing specialises in the development and supply of Workforce Management solutions that allow medium-to-large organisations in both private and public sectors to optimise the investment they make in their workforce. The company offers solutions across Time and Attendance, Scheduling and Rostering, HR and the broader aspects of Workforce Management. It works closely with its customers to identify areas where improvements are required and where costs can be saved resulting in improved service levels, reduced labour costs and success in the market place.

Today, Crown Computing works with more than 300 major organisations spanning all industries across the United Kingdom. As a result it can count organisations such as Trailfinders, Austin Reed, Pets at Home, BAE Systems, ITN, Aston Martin and Unilever amongst its growing customer base.

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