Roadmap to change management

Crown Workforce Management Systems has produced a free downloadable white paper on key milestones to assist change management.

The paper, authored by Dr Pietro Micheli, Associate Professor of Organisational Performance, at Warwick Business School, highlights the journey leaders should take when initiating a step change to their organisations.

Dr Micheli highlights four areas which are essential to a change management programme: assessing resources and processes, understanding the perspective of staff, engaging people and taking them on the journey and awareness that change is not a linear process.

Said Dr Micheli:

“Most organisations are in the process of change: it may come about not as part of a wide scale ‘transformation,’ but something more inherent – part of organisational life, as business environments, customers’ needs, regulations and organisational capabilities develop and evolve. What does not really change is our desire to find a sequence of steps that, almost inevitably, will lead to our desired future state.”

He admitted that leading change is difficult and many ‘change management’ efforts fail because leaders think about the bigger picture but not about how that change is perceived and understood within the organisation.

“When we talk about change, context and scope obviously matter: some organisations operate in highly dynamic environments whereas others are on much more steady journeys,” he stated.

David Hughes, head of marketing for Crown Workforce Management Systems, said: “Many business leaders have had to embrace significant organisational change in recent years due to a changing political landscape and the need to encompass austerity measures.

“Our work with some of those organisations prompted us to produce this useful guide for those embarking on such a journey. All organisations develop and evolve, no matter what sector they are in,  but it is the management of that change which can result in success or failure.”

The Roadmap to Change Management is available for download at

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