‘Blue Sky Thinking’ Delivers Cloud Solution

‘Blue Sky Thinking’ Delivers Cloud Solution

Now ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ can give you just what you’re looking for…a little inspiration and a new workforce management system…up in the cloud.

Crown Workforce Management is launching its new cloud platform – providing HR, time and attendance, rostering and analytics applications – with even greater flexibility and the opportunity to reduce costs.

It provides immediate access to ‘WFM’ functionality ‘on tap’, is super secure – assured by the robust security and comprehensive protection of Microsoft Azure. It integrates effectively with other business systems and includes new software updates as part of the package.

Accessing Crown’s services through the cloud also means keeping it simple: there’s no need to undertake a big IT delivery project or invest in technology infrastructure – saving the long timelines, capital risk and expenditure that comes with it.

Said Harish Rao, Crown’s Chief Technology Officer: “Our ‘blue sky thinking’ has provided a new solution in the cloud.

“Acquiring the right tools to introduce effective workforce management has traditionally been a time-consuming and expensive process – procuring, installing, managing, and maintaining IT environments can be a major distraction and logistically-challenging.

“This no longer needs to be the case. With Crown Workforce Management for the Cloud, increasing or decreasing capacity to meet changes in demand is simple and quick without entailing expensive projects or asset disposal. You only pay for what you need, when you need it. This is especially valuable for companies looking to grow, organically or through acquisition and mergers – and whether that expansion means moving from 200 employees to 500 or from 20,000 to 30,000.”

The agility of Crown Cloud is particularly useful if an organisation operates in multiple locations. It allows it to use the same principles while allowing for differences in operations, application and local conditions, he added.

All workforce data processed by the Crown Cloud is secured within Microsoft Azure. All data is constantly backed up, automatically replicated, and can be stored at two physically separate data centres for disaster recovery.

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