Crown Cloud

The Cloud has opened up a whole new vista of opportunities in workforce management. The massive computing capacity accessed over the internet means you can substantially reduce both capital and ongoing IT costs, as well as having an IT flexibility you never imagined before.

Instant Response

Crown Cloud enables growth and agility, responding to the changing needs of your business from hour to hour, day to day, season to season and location to location.

High Security

Data is protected by encryption, is subject to constant verification and is constantly backed up and automatically copied - and is kept at two physical locations for extra security. The levels of security and encryption through the ultra-secure Microsoft Azure Cloud are truly exceptional.

Agility and Simplicity

Whatever your workforce management functionality requirements, Crown Cloud can meet them instantly. If you want extra capacity, it's there at the click of a mouse. Keep it as long as you need it, switch it off when you don't. No extra expense. No wasted capacity. No unpredictability. With the Cloud, you replace 'just in case' with 'just in time'.

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