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Find out how much your company could save…

Typically, Crown work with medium sized and large businesses that are doing well and are managing a large and growing workforce. When we initially meet with companies they are often:

    • Frustrated about the amount of time and effort it takes to produce and manage a work schedule that keeps changing or are.
    • Annoyed at the difficulty of monitoring attendance, managing sickness and holiday and the associated payments or are.
    • Concerned about the various costly loopholes and anomalies in their current system.

You might not recognise any of these points but if you do then you are far from alone.  Our scheduling / rostering system and our time and attendance/ application might be the answers you need.

Our systems are suitable for a range of sectors from manufacturing and transport through energy and waste management to the public sector including hospitals and county councils.

Before you invest in any IT system, you need to ensure that you are going to get a good Return on your Investment (ROI).  We have developed two bespoke calculators to help you determine the ROI you can except to get from using our systems.


Calculate your potential ROI savings for Time & Attendance with a Crown System.

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Calculate your potential ROI savings for Scheduling/Rostering with a Crown System

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Both calculators need the same basic data in terms of:

  • Your number of employees.
  • Average annual salary per employee.

The Scheduling / Rostering system calculator requires the below additional information (rough estimates only).

  • Number of admin staff for rostering.
  • Average annual salary for admin staff.
  • Percentage of basic salary paid as overtime.
  • Staff churn as percentage of headcount (the % of employees who leave your workforce and are replaced over a year).
  • Average cost of recruitment per employee.

From this information, we can give you a good idea of how much return you will see on your investment. In many cases, the savings are very significant.  Why not find out what you could save by using our calculator?

Here’s what one client had to say:

ITN (Independent Television News)
ITN could not initially find a solution that would fit their stringent workforce scheduling requirements. However, the Resource Planning module of our Workforce Management Suite was tailored to meet their exact needs and has been rolled out across the business.

At the company level, it allows ITN to report on all aspects of workforce time, including compliance with Working Time Regulations.

At the departmental level it allows crews to be rostered for all ITN’s television and radio news programmes and for the schedules to be published on ITN’s Intranet site. This benefits both employees and management.

Time and Attendance

Time and attendance monitoring causes issues for companies, both large and small. Some companies can make very substantial savings by implementing our cost-effective and efficient system.

You can find out how much you can save using our ROI calculator. You will need the below information (rough figures only):

  • Level of absenteeism (%):
  • Number of staff for payroll admin.
  • Annual salary of your admin staff.
  • Employee average hourly wage.
  • Percentage of employees “rounding up” timesheets
    (e.g. a rough idea of the percentage of employees who round up their timesheet e.g. leave early at 17:17 but round this up to 17:30).
  • Average “rounded up” time per day (minutes)- estimated total amount of minutes rounded up.

We invite you to use our ROI Calculator and discover the benefits for yourself.

Here is what just one of our happy clients had to say:

Magnet Kitchens
Relocating to a new site provided leading kitchen manufacturer Magnet with the perfect opportunity to reassess the way it managed its workforce and investigate new ways of monitoring time and attendance. They saw numerous suppliers and decided that our Workforce Management Suite was the best for their business. They have since seen major benefits.

Here is what Nik Browne, Magnet’s HR Services Manager, had to say:

The new system is already having an impact and delivering benefits and it has only been running since January. We have not only saved money but have also saved a great deal of time on administration.”
The full time administrator now only spends half their time on administering Time and Attendance and Payroll. This will reduce even further once the team leaders use Crown's Workforce Management Suite to manage working time.”
Crown's Workforce Management Suite is also improving the speed and accuracy of payable hours information that has helped to reduce the costs of overpayments.”

It is enabling Magnet to manage overtime payments more effectively. No longer does the system automatically pay overtime when employees clock on early without authorisation — a costly anomaly.”

 “Absence reporting has provided additional data to help manage costs

This is a pretty compelling argument. Why not use our bespoke calculators and discover how much your business can benefit.