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States of Jersey

States of Jersey


The States of Jersey Government Public Services Department (PSD), based in St Helier, has recently implemented a two-stage plan for an Open Options Flexitime solution. It is planned to use the system across three locations – La Collette, South Hill and Bellozanne.


Alexsis Pimley-Smith, Head of Information Systems at PSD, explains the reason why Crown Computing’s Open Options solution was chosen. “We were looking at the market for a replacement system and were keen to replace our current Time and Attendance system with one that had the option to build an Access Control function in at a later date. Crown Computing’s Open Options modular approach enables us to build in particular elements, as we require them.”

The Open Options Solution devised for PSD comprises Time and Attendance in phase one for 150 employees, with web clocking and wall clocking, plus a training programme implemented onsite in St Helier. It is possible to extend the system to other departments within Jersey Government with a potential of supporting hundreds more employees in the future.

Crown were able to accommodate PSD’s need to continue using existing Paxton proximity ID cards by utilising Feedback Timeclocks, and the flexibility of Crown’s Open Options package.

Access Control may be established in the second phase of the Open Options process enabling PSD to integrate attendance monitoring with building access control.

The current system has been established for 150 employees, and may be extended to other departments.

17th November 2014