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ITN selected Open Options to plan and roster its News Production crews and provide management information about its workforce.


Keith Cass, Director of Technology, comments “Open Options provides ITN with a single Workforce Scheduling and management information system, that we can use across all aspects of our business. It replaces a number of legacy solutions delivering a single point of reference about our roster patterns Working Time Directive reports and business information relating to staff working arrangements. It has reduced our administration by bringing together in one system our Workforce Scheduling of staff, the monitoring and tally of hours worked plus training and sickness reporting. No more Excel spreadsheets, managers and staff all have immediate access to their personal and department information via the company intranet.”

The Working Time Regulations were the catalyst for introducing a new system as previously ITN had a variety of solutions for Workforce Scheduling crews, the monitoring of attended time and absence reporting. Staff would be rostered using one system and the details of their working patterns for monitoring purposes entered into another. This meant that management information was difficult and time consuming to produce. There was clearly a need for a company wide system to manage all of these areas.

An initial survey of software suppliers had failed to find a suitable package solution for ITN’s needs. However, Crown Computing’s Open Options was identified as a system with the necessary potential and resulted in Crown enhancing its Resource Planning module to meet ITN’s Workforce Scheduling requirements.

This module has undergone a successful pilot within the Channel 4 News Production area and is now being rolled out to other areas of ITN. At the company level it allows ITN to report on all aspects of workforce time, including compliance with Working Time Regulations. At the departmental level it allows crews to be rostered for all ITN’s television and radio news programmes and for the schedules to be published on ITN’s Intranet site, for the benefit of employees and management.

Open Options is the optimum People Performance Management solution for medium to large organisations, a comprehensive multifunction system that enables you to manage your workforce efficiently and effectively. Crown Computing, based in Tamworth, Staffordshire is a leading supplier of People Performance Management systems with a client base of over 250 ‘blue-chip’ UK companies in the Public Sector, Manufacturing, Distribution, Financial and Service industries.

17th November 2014