BAE Systems

Multiple Locations

Customer Snapshot – BAE Systems

Fast Facts

  • Engineering specialists
  • 30,000 staff in multiple locations
  • Professional & Assembly Staff
  • Deployed: T&A, Activity Management, Project Tracking, SFDC Access Control and Self-Service
  • Integration with SAP HR & Payroll

Pre-Crown Implementation

  • Dated Time & Attendance / Access Control system
  • Manual activity data capture
  • No Employee Self-Service facilities
  • Admin intensive payroll process
  • Inaccurate activity tracking and costing
  • Lack of management reporting

Benefits Received

  • Multiple activity tracking facilities
  • Multiple site payment rules addressed
  • Real time visibility of all work activities
  • Significantly reduced payroll error
  • Data integration with ERP System
  • Improved staff rostering
  • Greater employee engagement through Employee Self-Service facilities

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