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Biometric Time And Attendance Systems

Biometric time and attendance systems use measures of human characteristics, which are unique to each individual, to identify an employee. This form of workforce management allows you to monitor each employee’s attendance via electronic time sheets when they clock in and out of work and even into restricted areas requiring authorisation, on a daily basis.

Fingerprints are used as they are unique to each individual, they cannot be copied or misplaced and they are extremely accurate. A fingerprint scanner will report back to a computer system that matches the details of the fingerprint, with the employee, telling us when they have checked in and checked out. These scanners can also be used to grant or prevent entry to areas only accessible to certain, authorized members of staff.  There is little maintenance required of the fingerprint reader except the occasional clean, which makes it virtually cost free once installed.

Iris identification is the other measure we recommend, as this uses physical characteristics of the iris and the retina, which are also unique to each individual. Retina scanning is a non-contact device so had the added advantage of being extremely hygienic. The employee can be identified in under a second, which is useful for businesses with large numbers of employees, who would potentially be clocking in at the same time. The retina scanner detects when a person approaches it, the employee then lines their eyes up with the screen and without touching anything their employee details are recognized on the computer system and they are identified as entering or leaving work. Their arrival is recorded with the specific time at which they started and left work. This information is then put forward to the payroll system and the hours each employee is owed pay for, can be calculated, avoiding potential manual errors.

These measures are more reliable and accurate than traditional, manual, signing-in procedures. This ensures fewer mistakes in payroll as the system can be compared to the roster for the hours they are supposed to work and the hours they actually worked, as these may vary due to overtime, sickness, lateness or other personal circumstances. This innovative system also prevents any fraud and stops employees clocking in for one another. This inadvertently results in a more reliable and time conscious work force, with fewer employees arriving late, which consequently improves the productivity of the business.

Using a time and attendance system could potentially save you money, as it allows you to see where each employee’s time is being spent and the returning investment the business gains. This enables you to dictate when the labor is best utilized and organise the shifts accordingly. You can see which employees, and how many of them, are in on the shifts where the largest profit is made and then you can change the online rostering according to this. With mobile scheduling, it is easy for your employees to check their shifts on their tablets and smart phones to see the shifts they are needed for and the precise times they are expected to check in and out of work.

Biometric time and attendance systems can be used as methods of access control in areas of the workplace that require authorised entry. This could be due to these areas being potential hazards for employees or customers without correct training. This is effective in protecting your staff and customers, reducing theft and ensuring health and safety. This highly accurate workforce management system knows which employees need to be accounted for during a fire alarm so this greatly improves the safety of the employees in potential emergencies.