Right people, right skills, right place, right time

Our system captures the number of people you actually need - not what you’ve done before, not what you usually do, not what your best guess is. Not only that but it helps you to assign the right people with the right skills and the right qualifications to the right tasks at that right time. This creates a precision workforce, fit for purpose and lean.

Control your costs

By employing the right people at the right time in the right quantity, you strictly control your costs. You see the cost of your workforce ‘live’ rather than six weeks later through Payroll. You always know exactly where you are.

Safety and compliance

Different roles require different qualifications and skills. Crown ensures staff are correctly assigned, so you are not at risk of non-compliance or accusations of lacking due diligence. Our system will not allow you to assign someone to a role for which they are not qualified.

Untangling workforce complexity

In many organisations, workforce management is incredibly complex. You can find yourself with dozens of sets of Ts &Cs, contracts, payment agreements and so on. Often companies end up paying people beyond contracted hours unnecessarily, or for shifts that are cancelled, or at a higher rate than their role commands. It is impossible to keep up. Crown solves this. Everyone is paid right first time, every time.


Integration is often a very real fear for companies taking on a new workforce management system: with Crown all those worries are taken away. Our system integrates perfectly with a whole range of other software across Payroll, HR and ERP - and our Integration Department will ensure the smoothest of transitions.

Empowering your managers

The immediate availability of comprehensive Time & Attendance data empowers line managers to really take responsibility for their teams, leading to greater precision, confidence and accountability.

Employee Satisfaction

Happy employees equals a hard-working workforce with low absence rates. Work-life balance measures in our system help improve employee positivity towards work and consequently their productivity and longevity.

Return on investment

Effective workforce management massively improves productivity, satisfaction and efficiency, which can translate to a substantial return on investment. Using your workforce's time and skills effectively reduces agency and overtime costs and increases productivity, while automation and simplification ensure payroll and HR costs are minimised.

Changing perceptions of your company

For customer-facing organisations, Crown workforce management can deliver a smooth, efficient operation that makes a fundamental change to the way you are able to serve your customers. Your staff are your ambassadors, so with a happy workforce in the right place at the right time with the right skills, you will change the way your customers experience your offer.

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