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Annualised Hours

Could Annualised Hours Lift Productivity?

Neville Henderson, Senior Consultant, Pasfield Curran

Could annualised hours help lift us out of the UK’s productivity plateau? That’s the question posed by flexible working expert Neville Henderson of Pasfield Curran, consultants to Crown Workforce Management.

Historically, UK labour productivity has grown by around two per cent annually but in recent years something has gone wrong… despite ambitious government strategy and £23 billion investment.

Since the 2007 crash, this ‘productivity puzzle’ has baffled economists with low investment, reducing in the quality of equipment and a lack of lending being cited as possible causes.

Workforce Intelligence

Demystifying Business Analytics

Dr Pietro Micheli

We may not be able to predict the future but the ability to review our past and present, and use that information to help shape our future can be attained without the use of sorcery.

That is the message within this new illustrated guide to ‘Demystifying Business Analytics’ published by Crown Workforce Management and authored by Dr Pietro Micheli, Professor of Business Performance and Innovation at Warwick Business School.

Workforce IntelligenceRoadmap to Change Management

Dr Pietro Micheli

Crown Workforce Management Systems has produced a free downloadable white paper on key milestones to assist change management.

The paper, authored by Dr Pietro Micheli, Associate Professor of Organisational Performance, at Warwick Business School, highlights the journey leaders should take when initiating a step change to their organisations.

Dr Micheli highlights four areas which are essential to a change management programme: assessing resources and processes, understanding the perspective of staff, engaging people and taking them on the journey and awareness that change is not a linear process.

Workforce Intelligence

Transforming Big Data into Actionable Information…

Dr Pietro Micheli

We are now able to access and process ever larger quantities of data, coming from various sources – organisations, consumers, social media, and automated systems – ever more quickly.

Dr Micheli highlights how the business world has undergone transformation in recent years due to the amount of digital information available.

Workforce Intelligence

The Truth about Productivity

Dr Pietro Micheli

We are frequently told that the UK has a productivity problem. Indeed, only at the end of 2015 has the country gone back to its pre-crisis level, and it still lags behind all other G7 countries.

Productivity data are often in the spotlight, not only because they are used as a measure of national competitiveness, but also because productivity growth drives improvements in standards of living.

Dr Micheli discusses why Productivity matters and what we can do about it.

The Definitive Guide to Flexible WorkingThe Definitive Guide to Flexible Working

By Neville Henderson, principal consultant at Pasfield Curran.

This white paper will be of interest and value to people in any organisation who have responsibility for administering, managing or implementing flexible working practices.

It explains current flexible working legislation in the United Kingdom and the rights and responsibilities that recent updates to flexible working laws confer on both employees and employers.

The paper also outlines what British companies need to know in relation to the right to request to work flexibly, discussing scenarios in which various methodologies or solutions could help businesses address shortfalls.

Workforce IntelligenceWorkforce Intelligence – Turning Workforce Data into Workforce Efficiency

Martin Butler Research.

The Workforce in most organisations can account for upwards of 70-80% of total operating costs, the workforce is critical in delivering the organisations capability. Even the most modest improvements in workforce efficiency could have a significant impact on an organisations bottom line.

Workforce Intelligence can provide management with valuable employee related information it previously didn’t have. Using data mining and predictive analysis technologies; patterns and trends can start to emerge that were previously unknown, delivering a real competitive advantage that enables more effective decision making.

Business Execution and Workforce ManagementBusiness Execution and Workforce Management – The key to enhanced efficiency & agility

Martin Butler Research.

Martin Butler the highly respected business and IT industry analyst, in conjunction with Crown Computing, has produced a white paper on the areas of Business Execution and Workforce Management, it explains how it can help organisations become more productive, efficient and agile.

The paper includes a comprehensive management summary written by Martin Butler, along with contributions from David Hughes of Crown Computing and Neville Henderson of Pasfield Curran. The paper examines how Workforce Management is an essential and integral part of a successful Business Execution strategy, it also offers advice on what to look for when selecting a software solution.

The Business Value of Workforce Management Solutions

The Business Value of Workforce Management Solutions

Martin Butler Research.

Martin Butler the highly respected business and IT industry analyst, in conjunction with Crown Computing, has produced a white paper on The “Business Value of Workforce Management Solutions”.

The paper is written from a business perspective and includes a comprehensive management summary written by Martin Butler, along with contributions from Neville Henderson of Pasfield Curran who examines the issues around underlying business processes and their effectiveness and Crown Computing look at the benefits of automating the workforce management process and offer advice on what to look for when selecting a software solution.

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